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Best Android application to get on all your Hattrick information

Livetrick let's you keep contact with your Hattrick team. Get player evolution, match statistics, live commentary, and all your club information.

Livetrick: everything you need to fully experience Hattrick!

Hattrick Favourite Simulation Game 2011 !

Hattrick is a strategic football game - outwit your opponents on the field today, or build a winning long-term strategy. Hattrick is a persistent multiplayer game world and has been online since 1997!

Get your own team now

Your team Watch them grow

Keep contact with your team, and see them grow in real time, after all the battles you went though together.

Match reports Analyze and win

Analyze your next opponent's team to breach out, and be the first !

Reviews & Testimonials:

F A N T A S T I C A ! La migliore app in circolazione. Le ho provate quasi tutte le altre.. Dai ragazzi inventatevi qualcosa x la gestione delle formazioni.
Fanoste Toluccibar, JAN 2012.

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